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Supplier Registration

Please use the form below to register as a supplier and start loading your products on to the website. Once you have signed up we will contact you within one working day to approve your application and to go over how the system works.

Please note that all funds are passed to you 3 working days after you have fulfilled the order to the customer.


By registering as a Supplier you agree to our Terms of Use


GetFresh.je is a new online service aimed at connecting Jersey producers and customers.

You must be based in Jersey engaged in either fishing, farming, growing or creating goods locally.

Size is not important. If you’ve caught, grown, reared or created something locally here in Jersey then you can become a supplier on the website.

How it Works

You register on the website at www.www.getfresh.je as a supplier. Input your details and the request is sent to our team.

Once approved you can then add your products in as many categories as you like.

i.e. if you have lobsters to sell then put them under Catch – Shellfish – Lobsters, if you have duck eggs then put then under Farm – Eggs – Duck

You can also set how much stock you have and also whether you want to offer any special pricing. You may also setup whether you deliver to the customer or just allow them to collect from you. You can charge for delivery if you like.

Customers can then browse GetFresh.je and see what Jersey producers have to offer. They add your items to their basket and pay by debit or credit card.

You get an email from GetFresh.je showing what has been ordered from you. You and the customer arrange collection or delivery.

Three days after the order has been delivered you receive your money at PayPal or in your bank account. There is a commission that is deducted for each order to cover credit card fees and the running of the website.

For more information please contact Alaistair by email at [email protected]

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